JOVI Liquid Poster Paint 250 ml – Black

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Ready-to-use, water-based liquid Poster Paint. Excellent performance, very high covering power and fast drying.

Its fluidity helps a better application of the product. It adheres easily to most surfaces, achieving a fantastic finish in vivid and high quality colours.


•Natural-based ingredients

•Excellent coverage

•Bright colors

•Easily mixed with other colors.

•Dries fast

•Easy to wash off

•Gluten free and free of the main allergens

•Available in various types of bottles, ideal for school use



Painting with a spatula

The tempera can be applied with a spatula onto card or wood. This technique is only recommended in order to achieve a crackled affect; the built-up blobs of paint crack because the outer layer dries more quickly than the layer beneath.

Splash painting

Splashing a painting with a toothbrush is an effective way of creating texture. To obtain bigger splashes you can use a round paintbrush dipped in plenty of paint which can be tapped firmly against the handle of another paintbrush or with the fingers.

Printing with sponges

Apply the tempera to different-shaped sponges directly from the bottle or from a palette with a mixture of the chosen colour. Then press the sponge onto a surface, like a stamp, to leave its imprint. Rinse the sponge out before the paint dries to remove any paint residue.

Painting with three colours

A great variety of colours can be achieved by using blue, magenta and yellow and mixing them together.


Wash techniques

It is better to wash garments with paint stains by hand, ideally leaving to soak for a few hours.

Washing garments in the washing machine can leave stubborn paint stains which are much more difficult to remove.

Never dry a paint-stained garment in the tumble dryer because it will be impossible to remove the stain afterwards.

Washing on a normal cycle should not leave stains, but if you think the garment will not come out clean, wash it by hand.

Washing by hand:Soak in water for about four hours. Then, rinse the garment through with plenty of water at high pressure. It is better to work from the back of the fabric, behind the stain. Wash with liquid soap. Do not rub the garment when you start to wash it.


Allergies information

Free of the main allergens.