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About us

We are a small family with a great story, which we like to narrate today though years of tradition.

We are a small family with a great story,

Going Back To 1939

We are a small family with a great story, which we like to narrate today though years of tradition. We explore the world through a kid’s eyes: imagining, learning, creating… always with the courage and freedom, that characterizes children.

For this reason, we ourselves conceive, design and manufacture in a small town in Barcelona. We create products to promote creative and artistic development, supporting learning at all stages of life.

Going the distance

A Global Company

We want to take our message of learning to every part of the world, encouraging creativity through a funny and authentic experience. Present in more than 70 countries, we explore the cultural differences in each of them to adapt and improve our products in collaboration with the educational and artistic community.

Learning & Growing


We are moved by the concern to create new things and we do not mind making mistakes; that’s why we are not afraid to try things over and over again, as many times as it takes. We want to explore the world as a child would, without fear, without limitations. This is what drives us to make new products for all those who enjoy for the mere pleasure of creating.

We care

Our Vision

At Jovi we believe that only during the process of making things happen do we learn. We claim the pleasure of creating things with our hands, of craft. At Jovi we are next to those who do things.

We Care

Our mission

Support and accompany makers. To all those who want to do something from scratch and learn from the process. Our mission is to create a wide range of products that encourage learning through the creative process. Provide the necessary tools so that their philosophy of makers does not stop only in ideas and thoughts, but that everything they imagine becomes a reality.

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