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DIY Calendar with Watercolours

Discover a step-by-step on how to do a weekly diary with the JOVI Watercolors. Having fun with the JOVI Watercolors is so easy! You just have to mix them with water and apply them with a brush over paper or cardboard. The results are unbeatable; it is very fluid, dries fast, performs well and does […]

DIY planetary with JOVIDECOR Acryl

DIY planetary with JOVIDECOR Acryl Discover a step-by-step on how to make a painted planetary with JOVIDECOR Acryl, a water-based acrylic paint with satin finishing. Thanks to its high covering power you only need one coat to obtain an optimum result.

Make numbers with JOVI Air Dry clay

Make numbers with JOVI Air Dry clay Discover a step-by-step on how to make numbers with JOVI Air Dry. Once dry you can paint them with poster paint. Also, you can use the molds and the roller to help you mould the numbers. With them, you will learn how to count while you have fun!

How to paint a cupcake with PLASTILINA modeling clay | Cool Candy Edition????????

Paint with plastilina! With the new Paint With Plastilina sets you will discover a new way to play with modelling clay. With the Cool Candy edition you will have while modelling with 8 colours of pastel modelling clay, 5 different sheets and the best modelling tools. With the cardboard folder you can store the material […]

How to make an adding box | School DIY Kids

With this fun box, you can learn to sum with dice and plasticine balls in 2 different colours. Shape the balls, leave them ready and throw the dice. Drop the number of balls indicated by the dice down the slide, count them when they are inside the box and write them down on a piece […]

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