JOVI Soft Play Dough 4x50g – Mini Bucket + Tools

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Soft Play Dough is a treat! Because this coloured modelling dough is very soft and can be moulded easily. As it is a water-based product, it has a very fresh texture and pleasant feel. What’s more, it is designed to be the first dough for children from the age of 3 upwards and is completely harmless. It is available in bright colours that can be mixed. It can be used with moulds, rolling pins, modelling tools and presses or extruders.



·         It can be moulded easily.

·         A wide range of colours which can be mixed.

·         Harmless, but has an unpleasant taste to prevent kids from putting it in their mouths.

·         Easy to clean.

·         Suitable for use from 2 years and above.

·         Ideal dough for starting out in the world of modelling.

·         Very soft texture, pleasant to touch and bright colours.

·         Helps develop creativity, fine motor skills and knowledge of colours and textures.


·         Ideal to be used with accessories such as JOVI extruders and presses.