JOVI Paint with Plastilina Kit – Crazy Monsters

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Each kit contains: reusable storage folder, 8 NEON colours PLASTILINA 50gr bars, 3 pre-designed templates, 2 free use templates, 1 white paper frame, 3 modelling tools, 1 roller, 1 instructions sheet

JOVI PLASTILINA is a 100% vegetable-based modelling clay to play in fun colours, malleable and suitable for kids from 2 years old; it does not contain gluten and never dries.

Unlike mineral based modelling clays, JOVI PLASTILINA allows creations with a higher volume

You will be able to play nonstop because it never dries!  It moulds and unfolds easily, and it is great to create volume figures; its versatility also allows the use of moulds and other techniques as painting with PLASTILINA on paper.


  • 100% vegetable-based
  • It never dries
  • Easy to clean
  • Gluten free
  • Malleable
  • 3D and flat shapes
  • Great plasticity
  • Colours can be mixed


  • Using the hands
  • Spheres or little balls, fritters, basic geometric figures. Techniques: inlay work, moulding over frames, painting with modelling clay

 Washing techniques

  • Never dry a stained garment in the tumble dryer because it could be impossible to remove the stain afterwards
  • Use a piece of modelling clay to remove any residue attached to the garment
  • Washing the garment on a normal cycle should be enough to remove the stain completely
  • Remove as much of the stain as possible by hand

 Allergies information


  • Free of major allergens and gluten free
  • Safe for the children and with no toxicity risk